Architecture as seen by architects

23 April 2015 / FCSH, Lisbon / 6 p.m.


Architecture as seen by Architects


It would be hard to deny that the specialty journals were, always, privileged places for the construction of a narrative about Architecture. Indeed, the architects, simultaneously protagonists and builders of their own knowledge’s discourse, have come to define the history of architecture from the building works, looking them as entities liable to reconfigure the settings in which they are included and the identity of their authors. This session aims to put the architect at the center of the debate and understand the position that he occupies in the definition of such narrative, and to what extent this relationship determines the subsequent readings.

Margarida Acciaiuoli (organizador/coordinator); José Augusto; Michel Toussaint; França Nuno Portas;


Coordenação geral: Rute Figueiredo e Paulo Tormenta Pinto


Os ciclos de debates contaram com a parceria institucional da

Secção Regional Sul da Ordem dos Arquitectos



Biblioteca da Ordem dos Arquitectos, MUDE, ESAD


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