The research project The Site of Discourse was built on a strong empirical base. The survey work, comprised the exhaustive survey of 28 magazines, published between 1900 and 2005. All articles, authors, architectural works and other contents, included in the outlined period, were scrutinized, mapped and systematized in a database.

At the moment we are working on the development of a research platform, in which the collected data can be explored by a wider scientific and architectural community. It is an effort to communicate with a larger audience, as well as a way to turn our data more interactive and flexible.

The platform we are presently developing will use these three principles: timeline, geolocations and relations with published articles as well as a search engine that will allow the user to search information using multiple criteria (author, article, magazine, date…).










The main objective of this simple application is to show how, in the future, our platform (in one of its components) will be able to organize, illustrate and geolocate all the information collected in this project.

This particular example is based on an open-source project called Time Mapper. Starting from a simple Google parameterized spreadsheet we are able to construct the timeline, geolocate all the projects as well as relating them to the published articles. 

Here we can find 10 projects from Alvaro Siza that were published in “Jornal dos Arquitectos” and we can navigate trough them by their location (on the map), date of publishing (on the timeline) or by the article itself (image).

Time Mapper (link